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Friday, August 19, 2011

Revamping an Old Design

About a year ago I decided to make beanies for my shop. I loved the way they came out and how warm they were. Since I listed them I sold about a hand full. Not bad but not nearly as well as I wanted them to sell.

So here I am looking through my inventory and I have these beanies that have not found a home. What to do with them?

**This is where I would insert a before picture, but I have misplaced my memory stick so just use your imagination.** :-)

After brainstorming. I came to the conclusion that I over analyze things way too much and just need to learn to keep things simple and stick with what I know!! So I decided to change the design up a little by making the bottom of the hat look like it has a band.

Then I thought it might be nice to be able to accessories the hat in case your feeling a little flirty! So I made flower pins. Customers can pick whatever color combination they want. Wear it with the hat or as a brooch.

I haven't listed the flower pins yet but its on my to do list. What do you think?

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