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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Garden Pt 1

When I was little I remember having to help my mom with her garden every spring. I told myself that when I got older I wouldn't have a garden.

Well here I am all grown up now, with a lovely home and a HUGE garden. When we first moved it I was up to the challenge. But it quickly got overwhelming. Last fall I decided to start from scratch and spent several weekend cleaning out the garden.

Now that I had a clean canvas it was time to decide what to plant. I wanted flowers that would bloom at different points of the season. Some in the spring, some in the summer. I want to keep my garden colorful. After a trip to Lowes I picked up a ton of bulbs. My friend also sent over bulbs from her lillies. While shopping at Walmart I found some bulbs which were part of the "Plant for Hope" series named in honor of Susan G Komen for the cure.

I just had to have them! With my mom being a breast cancer survivor, what a better way to show my support than to have a garden full of shades of pink. So now that I have my bulbs planted its time to wait and see what happens. I will keep you posted :-)
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