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Monday, January 24, 2011

Soul Mates

Photo by: thecareerscrapper
 What is a soul mate? To me a soul mate is someone who will choose to love you unconditionally. We are all human, we are not perfect and we all make mistakes. To have someone who loves me for me - unconditionally, even with all of my faults and mistakes, is my definition of a soul mate.

Photo by: TwigsAndLace
 My husband and I will celebrate our fourteenth wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day. Our marriage is not perfect and has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride! But we have made it this far and have made a commitment to each other to work everyday on our marriage. He is my one and only, the one I am destine to be with, to grow old with, the love of my life. I truly believe that my husband is my soul mate!

Many people have their own definition as to what a soul mate is and who it can be. So my question to you is how to you define a soul mate? Who is your soul mate?

Photo by: SweetandSassyCards

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