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Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Hot In Here

It's amazing how no matter what the season, people always complain about the weather. I'm one of them! I am always cold and the winters in Ohio are sometimes challenging. The summers can even be worse! Yesterday was the first time we were at 100 degrees since 1999!

Of course our air conditioner went out Wednesday night! Our house was our own personal sauna. It went from bad to worse last night. I found it interesting that our house was so hot our thermostat refused to register the temperature!

We were saved by our late night purchase of fans from Walmart. Although I'm not sure if blowing hot air around is what I would call relief.

This morning after my shower I rushed out my house to head into work where it's alway cold. I came to the conclusion I'd rather be cold than hot.

Relief will come this afternoon when the AC guy comes between 2p & 5p! I pray that you're staying cool this weekend.

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