I would love to host a giveaway for you. If you would like to sponsor one feel free to contact me.

Recent Giveaways

MyHobbyShop Fanpage Giveaway - ends October 22, 2011
Wordsilove Giveaway - ends October 21, 2011
PamCreates Giveaway - ends October 7, 2011
PrintsByFormedByFire Giveaway - ends September 23, 2011
Flower Me Boutique Giveaway - ends August 26, 2011

aLittleCard Blog Giveaway - ends August 12, 2011
SewBeastly Blog Giveaway
 - ends July 29, 2011
TrinketsbyDana Blog Giveaway - ends July 15, 2011
Bootscootbaby Blog Giveaway - ends July 1, 2011
PopcornPixels Blog Giveaway - ends June 17, 2011
CottageCarries Blog Giveaway - end June 3, 2011

Winners are posted here --> And the winner is...

Official Rules


  • Giveaways are open to readers Worldwide, unless otherwise stated in the Giveaway listing.
Winner Selection:

  • I choose all the winners using the service. 
  • In case the giveaway calls for multiple winners, one person can not win the same giveaway more than one time in a single listing. If the same person comes up as a winner more than once in the same giveaway a new winner will be chosen in their place. 
Winner Notification:

  • I will email all winner(s) with in three days of the end of the giveaway. 
Claiming Prize:
  • If the chosen winner does not respond with in two days of the winning email being sent I will choose an alternate winner.
  • The chosen winner will be required to send me their name and address in order to receive the prize from the giveaway. 
  • I will never share your personal information with any one other than the appropriate sponsor and can not be held responsible for what that sponsor may do with the information.
  • Unless other wise stated in an individual giveaway listing all prizes are shipped directly from the sponsor of the giveaway. I can not guarantee the delivery of any prizes unless it is stated other wise. 
Other Stuff: 
  • I cannot be held accountable for sponsors actions regarding giveaways. I expect them to honor all promises and send winners their prizes; failed delivery of the giveaway item lies solely on the sponsor. I am also not responsible if discrepancies occur between the stated prize and actual item shipped by the sponsor.
  • I do not receive compensation, free items or anything like that to hold these giveaways. Reviews of the products are solely the opinion of the sponsors.

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