Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yarn Bombing - Home Edition

What's yarn bombing? Its a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint.

Like most graffiti, its a statement of art and creativity. It is pretty amazing what people can do with a some yarn and a crochet hook. While I have never done a yarn bombing, I think it would be a neat idea.

I was at my mom's house and noticed that she covered a few items with crochet work. I'm thinking this is the closest she's going to get to yarn bombing!!


Here are a few of my favorite yarn bombings I found on the internet.

Have you done a yarn bombing? Please share!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WIP - Fingerless Gloves

For those who don't know what WIP means, it stands for Work In Progress.

I am not sure if anyone has this problem, but I have a ton of unfinished projects! I tend to start something and lose focus. Or I get an idea and start working on a new project.

Several months ago my sister requested a pair of fingerless gloves. I accepted the challenge. I figured it should be easy to find something for her, since there are hundreds of patterns out there. I was so wrong.

My sister and I are both thin with long arms. She wanted gloves that would cover the length of her arm and wasn't "holey". Well, I looked and couldn't find any patterns I like.

So here I am working on writing my very first pattern for fingerless gloves. Its been a slow process. Below is a picture of how far I've gotten. At this rate she might have her gloves by the fall!

What are your WIPs? Please share!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Little Secret

Everyone has secrets. My secret? Hmm so many to choose from :)

I day dream...all the time. Sometimes I enjoy my daydreams much more than I do my real life. I've missed plenty of exits because of daydreaming!!

I know its not juicy but its what you get for right now.

What's your secret?? Please share.

Read others secret:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let It Go


When you felt like giving up, God told you to hold your head up. He sent some one to let you know, It's time for you to let go,

Of The

The hurt from the father that never bothered,

Let It Go

The friends that promised to be there through thick and thin, that walked out on you,

Let It Go

The words that was said, "you would never amount to anything,"

Let It Go

The man that promised you a ring, instead you became another one of his flings,

Let It Go

When you shared your deepest secrets with a friend and they put it in the wind,

Let It Go

The people that spread rumors about you that wasn't true,

Let It Go

The abuse from your childhood, that has a stronghold on your mind,

Let It Go

The bad choices you made during your teenage years,

Let It Go

The names that people called you that brought you to tears,

Let It Go

Ladies let it go. Holding on to all these things, will cause you to become bitter, and remember being bitter blocks blessings

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Garden Pt 1

When I was little I remember having to help my mom with her garden every spring. I told myself that when I got older I wouldn't have a garden.

Well here I am all grown up now, with a lovely home and a HUGE garden. When we first moved it I was up to the challenge. But it quickly got overwhelming. Last fall I decided to start from scratch and spent several weekend cleaning out the garden.

Now that I had a clean canvas it was time to decide what to plant. I wanted flowers that would bloom at different points of the season. Some in the spring, some in the summer. I want to keep my garden colorful. After a trip to Lowes I picked up a ton of bulbs. My friend also sent over bulbs from her lillies. While shopping at Walmart I found some bulbs which were part of the "Plant for Hope" series named in honor of Susan G Komen for the cure.

I just had to have them! With my mom being a breast cancer survivor, what a better way to show my support than to have a garden full of shades of pink. So now that I have my bulbs planted its time to wait and see what happens. I will keep you posted :-)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thrift Store Treasures

I love thrift store shopping. You never know what you can find. Recently I have been on the hunt to rescue crochet items. It saddens me to know that handmade items, such as baby blankets, that were meant to be keepsakes get sent to the thrift store. Then sold for less than $5. When I find something like scarves, hats or blankets in good condition I buy them. I use the yarn to recreate another wonderful item that will go to another loving home.

Most of the time I just wonder around aimlessly until I find something that interest me. Today I found these wonderful charms. I think they are adorable.

I was able to "rescue" this scarf made out of this great multi color yarn.

My last find was a single skein of variegated yarn. I don't know if I've seen this color before. Its very bright.

Over the last year I have gotten a hand ful of items from the thrift store. I have to admit that most of them are sitting on a rack in my workshop. Its a good thing I have my own space, or my hubby would have went crazy a while ago. They are just waiting for inspiration to hit me. I promise I have all good intentions! I will keep you posted on what I come up with for these items.

Do you thirft store shop? Or am I the only crazy one :-)
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